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welcome to
nest friends

a fun way to teach your little fledglings
all about the birds around them!





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Spot, Feed & Count!

You can learn about how to spot your favourite birds, what they eat and even keep track of how many you see! Click the button below to download & print your Nest Friends spotter sheets. Get spotting & make some nest friends!

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Get colouring!

Colour in your favourite birds. Each sheet tells you what colours you will need with big bold spaces to put plenty of colour on. Great when you can't get outside or in the garden!

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Create your own!

Download the bird outline below and create your very own Nest Friend. You can colour it in, stick on feathers or even glitter - whatever you fancy!

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Try our Projects!

We have plenty of fun & educational projects for you to have fun doing. With new projects added regularly, there's plenty of fun to be had!


Meet the Nest Friends

Click below to meet the Nest Friends! If you're lucky, you might be able to see them in your garden, park, town or city!

Spotter Jotter Activity Kits

Our Spotter Jotter Activity Kits are available from our Etsy shop now! Click below to purchase yours and get spotting!

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