Spot me!


Learn what to look out for to help you identify which birds are visiting your garden, park, town or city. Using our fun fact sheets, you can easily spot which is which & build up your knowledge of what markings make each bird extra special!

Feed me!


Learn all about what each bird likes to eat.  Try and attract them to your garden by putting some food out and see if they come and visit!

Count me!


Keep track of each bird that you spot! Using our handy Nest Friend chart, simply award yourself the correct star, depending on how rare the bird is! If you spot a Robin, give yourself a Red star, but if you spot a Green Woodpecker give youself a Yellow star! Play with your friends and see who can become the Nest Friends star spotter!




Print & start spotting!


Print off our Nest Friends Spotter Sheets and start spotting!


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