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Project #2 - Bird Feeder

How to make your own fat ball bird feeders!

This is a really simple project that you and your little ones can do together. The perfect way to attract some birds to your garden or outside space.


You will need

• Mixed bird seed (2 parts)

• Lard, beef suet or vegetable oil (1 part)

• String


What you need to do

Step 1

Take your mixed bird seed & lard, suet or vegetable oil & measure out 2 parts seed to one part lard, suet or vegetable oil.

Step 2

Place the ingredients into a saucepan & gently heat, while stirring all the time. Continue to heat until the fat melts completely.

Step 3

Once cooled enough to touch, pour a small amount of the mixture on to a surface. Take your length of string and cut to length (40cm should be plenty). Lay the string through the centre.

Step 4

With the string through the centre of the mixture, mould the mix into a ball shape. We think 8 / 10cm balls should be big enough. Continue to make them until you've used up your mixture!

Step 5

Once you have formed the mixture into ball shapes, place them in a plastic tub or tray with plenty of space around each one (to stop them sticking together!). Place in the freezer & leave until they have set firm.

Step 6

Once they have set firm, they are ready to hang! You can hang them from a bird table or feeder, your favourite tree or anywhere the birds can get to!

You're all set!

Grab your spotter sheets & binoculars & start spotting! You can keep making these fat ball bird feeders all year round & enjoy all the birds that come & visit :-)


Share your images!

We would love to see your pictures of you & your little ones making our projects.

There are lots of ways you can share!

Post them to your instagram & tag @nestfriendsofficial - we will add them to our gallery!

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We are always happy to hear about how you got on with any of our projects & activities. Tell us all about it on our contact page!

Happy creating, exploring & inventing!

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