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Project #4 - Carton Feeders

How to make your own Nest Friends Carton Feeder!

This project is a great one to encourage the birds to come a visit your garden or outside space. It's really simple and great fun, particularly when you get to decorate you feeder!


You will need

• 1 x juice or milk carton

• Mixed bird seed

• Sticks (any you can find)

• Paint (poster paints) / Felt tip pens

• String

• Scissors

• Glue stick

• Any other fun craft materials!


What you need to do

Step 1

Take your carton and make sure it's empty and clean

Step 2

Being very careful, take some scissors and cut a large opening in the front. Then, pierce a hanging hole at the top.

Step 3

Now the fun part! Decorate your carton however you wish! Be really creative! Use poster paints, felt tips plus any other materials you have!

Step 4

Take the scissors again and carefully pierce another hole in the front, just below the opening, for your perching stick.

Step 5

Insert your perching stick and make sure it's nice a secure for the birds to perch on.

Step 6

Fill the bottom of the carton with your mixed bird seed

Step 7

Taking your string, tie through the hole at the top and secure.

Step 8

Hang your wonderful feeder in your favourite place, grab your spotter guide and wait for your favourite nest friends to visit!

Share your images!

We would love to see your pictures of you & your little ones making our projects.

There are lots of ways you can share!

Post them to your instagram & tag @nestfriendsofficial - we will add them to our gallery!

Post them on our facebook page 'nestfriendsofficial'

Post them up on twitter & tag @nestfriendtweets

Send your photo's to - we will then post them up on our social media channels!

We are always happy to hear about how you got on with any of our projects & activities. Tell us all about it on our contact page!

Happy creating, exploring & inventing!

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