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Mervin the Blackbird

I'm Mervin the Blackbird, you can easily spot me in your garden.  I've got bright ringed eyes & dark feathers. You'll love my singing too!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Ula the Blackbird

I'm Ula the blackbird. Even though I'm a blackbird, my feathers are brown often with spots and streaks on my tummy!

 Hear what I sound like! 


Becca the Robin

My names Becca & i'm a Robin! I'm very easy to spot and you'll see a lot of me in your garden. If you put some food out for me, I'll come and say hello!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Cyan the Blue Tit

Hello, I'm Cyan & I'm a Blue Tit. I'm very easy to spot with my blue & greeny yellow feathers! You'll likely to see me & my friends at your garden bird table or feeder.

 Hear what I sound like! 


Dom the House Sparrow

My name is Dom and I'm a House Sparrow. I'm a small bird that likes to make lots of noise! You'll see a lot of us all year round.

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Gari the Starling

Hello, my name is Gari and I'm a Starling! Although I look like I have dark feathers from a distance, I actually look colourful and shiny up close.

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Colette the Wood Pigeon

I'm Colette the Wood Pigeon. I'm the largest of the Pigeons & there are lots of us about! You're sure to see me in your garden!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Lia the Collared Dove

Hello, I'm Lia the Collared Dove. You can easily spot me when I come to visit as I have a distinctive black collar.

 Hear what I sound like! 


Chloe the Greenfinch

My name is Chloe and I'm a Greenfinch. I love visiting gardens so if you put my favourite food out, I'll come and say hello! Look out for my yellow flash as I fly!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Pica the Magpie

My name is Pica & i'm a Magpie. I'm easy to spot with my dark feathers, white tummy and colourful wings. I also love to chatter too so you may hear me before you see me!

 Hear what I sound like! 


Russ the Great Tit

Hello, my name is Russ & I'm a Great Tit. You'll see plenty of us in your garden, just look out for our dark head and white cheeks!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Cilla the Pied Wagtail

My name is Cilla & I'm a Pied Wagtail. I'm very easy to spot with my Black and white streaked feathers. I also love to wag my long tail feathers up and down so look out for the wagtail shuffle!

 Hear what I sound like! 


Lara the Herring Gull

Hello, I'm Lara the Seagull. I'm much bigger than the other birds so you can easily spot me. probably when you're at the beach! I will eat just about anything so be careful when you're having your ice creams!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Mona the Jackdaw

My name is Mona the Jackdaw. I'm a large bird with dark feathers and striking eyes. You'll hear me 'tchack' so I can easily be found!

 Hear what I sound like! 


 Hear what I sound like! 


Del the House Martin

My name is Del & I'm a House Martin. I'm not very likely to visit your bird table or feeder so you'll most likely see me at my house. I build my nests on outer walls of buildings under the eaves. See if you can spot my house!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Darius the Jay

My name is Darius & I'm a Jay. Although my feathers are really colourful, I'm actually hard to spot! I'm quite shy so if you see me, you're very lucky!

 Hear what I sound like! 


Elis the Goldfinch

Hello, my name is Elis & I'm a Goldfinch. I'm easy to spot with a bright red face and yellow wing patch. You'll also love the songs I sing!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Hula the Bullfinch

My name is Hula & I'm a Bullfinch. You can't mistake me, I have very distinctive pinkish feathers and dark cap! I make a piped whistle sound so you'll know when I'm around!

 Hear what I sound like! 


Gill the Chaffinch

My name is Gill & I'm a Chaffinch. You'll likely to see me feeding below your bird table or feeders, or under a bush. I'm very loud so you may hear me before you see me!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Ember the Yellowhammer

Hello, I'm Ember and I'm a yellowhammer. I'm small bright yellow bird with a very easy to identify song. Just listen out for ''a-little-bit-of-bread-with-no-cheeeeeese'

 Hear what I sound like! 


Pi the Green Woodpecker

Hello, I'm Pi the Green Woodpecker. If you hear some knocking in the distance, that's probably me! I'm unlikely to visit your bird table but you may see me in your garden after the lawn has been mowed!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Tyto the Barn Owl

My name is Tyto and I'm a Barn owl. I like to go out at night so you'll be very lucky if you spot me. I'm very easy to spot as I have a heart shaped face and large wings

 Hear what I sound like! 


Si the Nuthatch

I'm Si the Nuthatch.  I am a similar size to Russ the Great Tit but resemble Pi the Green Woodpecker! You can indentify me by my dark eye band & pinkish tummy. You'll find me hopping up & down tree trunks or the undersides of branches!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Peri the Coal Tit

My name is Peri the Coal Tit. I'm a small bird, weighing only slightly more than a 50p peice! You'll see me at your bird tables & feeders - taking what i need and storing it for later!

 Hear what I sound like! 


Cocco the Hawfinch

My name is Cocco & I'm a Hawfinch. Unlike a lot of the other birds, I'm very shy so you're unlikely to spot me in your garden. I prefer to stay high up in the trees so that's the best place to look for me!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Nora the Cuckoo

Hello, my name is Nora & I'm a Cuckoo. You'll spot me in early summer, but you'll hear my unmistakeable 'cuck-oo' call first! Mid to late summer, I head back to Africa!

 Hear what I sound like! 


Tess the Wren

I'm Tess the Wren! You'll see plenty of me about! Although I'm small and round, I sing very, very loud so listen out for me in your garden or on your walk!

 Hear what I sound like! 

Regi the Goldcrest

Hello, my name is Regi the Goldcrest. I'm the smallest of all the birds, but spotting me isn't as difficult as it might seem! I have a bright yellow flash acrosss my head so keep your eyes peeled!

 Hear what I sound like! 

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